Title 1Bodybuilder Jo Lindner at 30: Causes and Symptoms of Sudden Aneurysm

Renowned body builder and social media influencer, Lo Linder died after suffering sudden aneurysm, informed his girlfriend through an Instagram post. But what is aneurysm and its causes

Famous social media influencer Jo Lindner, died at the age of 30 after experiencing a sudden aneurysm. The German-born YouTuber, also known online as “Joesthetics,” received a deluge of condolences from his followers after the news came in.

The news of the influencer’s death was shared by his girlfriend through a social media post. The Metro reported that the bodybuilder uploaded videos of life in Thailand while he recently started residing there. The German celebrity also provided fitness advice, nutrition instructions, and films about his shoe collection to his 940,000 viewers.

In the Instagram post, the influencer’s girlfriend wrote, it just happened too fast before they could realise it. She mentioned he was in her arms. Three days ago he kept complaining of neck pain and they were too late to realise what happened.

Signs and Symptoms The majority of unruptured brain aneurysms don’t exhibit any symptoms. Imaging examinations performed for other illnesses may detect brain aneurysms.